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Remodeling a retail store or franchise is a significant undertaking that requires the right design approach, careful planning and the most efficient tools. Establishing clear goals and objectives is crucial for guiding the efforts and responsibilities of stakeholders in the design process. 3D laser scanning serves as a valuable tool to evaluate store layouts and understand existing conditions.

It provides a baseline from which to determine the required changes to achieve your goals, whether it’s improving traffic flow, creating designated product areas, or accommodating new features.

This technology captures the essence of these spaces, enabling you to make informed decisions to maximize their potential while taking into account the activities, needs, and schedules of both personnel and customers.

In a retail environment, every inch of space is valuable, and even the smallest details hold significance.

Scope and strategy

When deciding to survey your property, selecting a dependable laser scanning team is key to ensuring the success of your project. Choose the right 3D scanning equipment or technology based on factors such as the store’s size, the level of detail required, and the available budget.

Additionally, it’s crucial to consider the store’s lighting conditions and any potential obstructions or obstacles within the space. Coordinating with store management to minimize disruptions to customers and staff during scanning is equally important. This may require conducting work during non-business hours or in sections to avoid inconveniencing patrons. 

Our solution

We have an extensive network of reliable partners ready to assist you with this endeavor as we excel in connecting retailers with the perfect laser scanning experience and technology while offering meticulous planning and ensuring the precision you need.

This surveying technology can help you and your stakeholders reduce the number of site visits and save time, resources, and costs, as you can have all the necessary data from your office.

Laser scanning has the potential to significantly impact your business and projects. We can help you accomplish your pursuit of creating immersive retail environments and making the most out of your spaces while saving time, money, and effort.