SirVey connects you with the nearest,
best prequalified laser scanning
provider you can trust.

Tired of tape measuring? Are you looking for
reliable as-built documentation for your residential project?

We understand that capturing existing conditions is essential to support design and development, where precision and attention to detail are very important.

When it comes to capturing highly accurate and detailed 3D spatial data, laser scanning can be useful as residential spaces are especially challenging because that’s where lives unfold.

The scanning crew needs to minimize disturbances or disruptions, and that can be achieved with careful planning.

Whether you’re enhancing interior designs, ensuring compliance with architectural regulations, or documenting historic structures, a reliable laser scanning team is your way to go.

Tailored 3D Laser Scanning Solutions for Residential Project

We specialize in connecting designers, owners, and developers with the perfect laser scanning partner in the area.

We help you determine the most appropriate equipment based on your project’s unique demands to get the most out of this technology while ensuring you obtain a cost-effective solution.

Whether you need to capture a historic façade with a high level of detail and precision, an above-ceiling space to assess utilities, or the surrounding site of a building to understand accessibility, having accurate data is key.

Laser scanning will help you understand the shape, size, and location of all visible elements. Also, from 360 panoramic views you can obtain materials, textures and color information of different building features, so you or your stakeholders can focus on the design process.

Comprehensive Laser Scanning Solutions by SirVey

Laser scanning will provide you with valuable and reliable data and our SirVey team can help you take advantage of the potential of this technology from beginning to end.

You can sit back and allow us to handle all aspects, from choosing the right equipment and crew, coordinating mobilization, strategy and necessary scanning logistics, processing the information, checking data quality, and last but not least, creating 3D models and as-built drawings. 

Make you grow, together

Experience the impact of precision scanning for your residential projects. Discover the power of accurate spatial data and dive into a new era of residential design excellence.